Thursday, July 31, 2008

My borthers dog.

Unknown to me I'm taking care of my borthers dog for a few days so I was hoping to do some reviews but that may not happen. Here is his picture.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My collection.

Ok after around and hour of trying to figure this out here is my first three videos for to watch of a quick run down of my anime. The music in the background is that of Silence of A Shilout my budy andys band.
Oh and if you just want to see still shots watch this.

I'm new to this.

Ok so this is my first blog post.
Well I got the insperation from all my friends on Anime-Planet the best place for anime. It is a site run by a fan for fans. It has reviews, recomdantions, screen shots, a track list of your life on anime, and a forum commutiy that can not be beat. They are fans from all over the world so buckel in and hold on tight for a fun ride with anime fans. In the future I hope to post video blogs maily of my reviews of Anime I have watched and what I own. The picture at the top is my collection of Anime I own from the Burst Angel Verdian collection from Funimation.
Well hope to see you around.