Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Been gone for awhile.

Sorry everybody school and life have taken up a good chunk of my time. I was able to go to Ohayocon and worked for various people and the con so I will have some pics up here.

Me talking to Arron Dismuke he was a blast to talk to and a really funny kid
Me talking to Wendy Powell she is a delight to talk to and very nice person.
Me talking to Tiffany Grant. She has been a guest at Ohayocon for now 10 years straight. She was a really cool person to talk to and hang with.
Me talking to one of the coolest people Illich Guardiola he plays the role of Ichi in Samurai Gun a really good show. He was great to talk to and can not wait to meet him again someday.

Me talking to Lisa Ortiza she was great. She got into voice acting cause her brother stole her car. It is a pretty funny story. Ask and she will tell you the story.
Note all photos where taken by Shara Castle of Anime On Location. For more details please visit www.animeonlocation.tv
More fun will come as I will be doing staff for Colossal Con 2010.